Monday, September 6, 2010

Should we go back to the way it was?

So, on the way to work this morning, the announcers had a phone in question for all the happy morning drivers....Should we revert to the way family used to be? Should the woman stay home with the babies and keep house and should the man be the breadwinner?

My first gut reaction was to turn the radio off....all I needed after waking at 6, enduring a tantrum half asleep, trying to look presentable and realising that I hate all my clothes and I want to go to work in my jarmies, making breakfast, doing potty runs, making sure the daycare bag had fruit, pull ups, knickers, about 10 pairs of spare pants and then being in the car, ready by 7.30 was to listen to the 'Dump and Run' brigade telling me I am a bad mother for needing to feed, clothe and house my child, rather than staying home (not that I would have a home if I didn't work.)

But then I turned it back on. I got pissed off! How dare anyone make me feel bad for doing what I need to for my child! Full of self-righteous anger, I tuned back in. Sure enough, some said that mothers who work full-time are soley to blame for every modern problem known to man and some that we haven't even discovered yet, and some said that all children should be in daycare and not at home being mollycoddled.

I don't think that really anyone has the perfect method. Yes, I would like to be home full time with my daughter. She is the light and centre of my entire existance. Nobody even comes close to be as precious to me as she is; she is my life's personal trump card. However the truth is not quite as black and white as some debators would like it; I need to work to support our existance. I am not an extravagant person, we don't have the latest and greatest of everything, we have enough to get by. We need to pay the rent, and buy food, and keep the electricity on.

The best mother I can be for her is a working one. It's not perfect, but what is in this world?

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