Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures are fun! (and a tad exhausting!)

Adventures are fun! I am trying my hardest to have more 'fun' as a Mummy, and enjoy individual moments more, instead of spending whole days freaking out because my house isn't (literally) perfect all the time. If I was left to my own devices, I am sure my mind would send me insane, because if my vision doesn't match my reality, I tend to go a little crazy. (OCD? No.........I'm not that bad. Either that, or not diagnosed)

So, today, instead of heading straight home from daycare, to cook a nutritionally-sound-yet-toddler-friendly main meal (that she won't eat anyway) and furiously try to empty my laundry basket whilst performing other feats of domestic goddessery, I asked Ava where she wanted to go. She said 'the park' and off we went! (Just like that! How easy was that! Don't think about what you are not at home doing! ARGH)

Before we got to the park, Ava spotted the lake in Minnawarra Park, and said she wanted to see the ducks. I turned the car, and parked. We got out. We chased ducks. See, I'm spontaneous!

Then 'babycino'. Right off to the shopping centre! Babycino it is. 'Park', okay, off to the park. Dinner time has passed, we should be in the bath, but hey! I am a modern mummy, I am spending quality time! Random, drunk, homeless lady chatting away to us? Yes, smile, make conversation, don't judge, be polite (stay away from my daughter...)
Then, 'chippies?'
'Are you hungry?'
'Home time?'
'chippies?'... Aaaaaahhhhhhh.......I took that as a yes.

I am quite proud of myself.....right, off to bleach everything. :)

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