Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am happy...

We have a full house!

A darling friend of mine, who lives far to far away, has come down for the week, to stay in the big smoke. So, we are full, full, full with 6 kids, 3 big people, and a whole lot of noise, mess, laughter and tears.

There are several ways that parenting 5 children differs from my valiant attempts to wrangle one child....

The difference in the ammount of kitchen is overflowing with veggies, bread, fruit, tiny fridge packed full, tiny pantry bursting a the seams.

Ava is beside herself. Not only does she have playfellows, but a whole team of them, baby ones and big ones, all come to stay for the week.

She ran up to me after her nap today, and whispered to me, looking up at me with eyes shining bright.

"Yes, Baby-girl?"
"I'm happy"

I thought my heart would burst with love. I am happy too baby. Good friends make for beautiful moments.

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