Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hayley and the 'other' place

Ava has an imaginary friend.

"Hayley" first appeared in the house we lived in before this one. At first I thought there must have been a little girl at daycare who was called Hayley....nope.We have no friends or family who are "Hayley's" that we see regularly, nor are there any "Hayley's" in any of the books we own!


When you ask Ava, Hayley has 'pink' hair, but if you ask her to pick out any "Hayley's" in the shopping centre, she invariably points to women with shoulder length or a bit longer, dark brown hair. Hayley is a girl (according to Ava) and she lives 'in a house'. Well, at least Hayley isn't homeless.

She joined Ava in the bath the other night. I heard Ava playing and talking to Hayley.

Ava: Here you go Hayley, that's your cup. Go on, take it. Go on, take it. Drink it, you like it? Yes? Mmm? (and so forth and so on)

 And so I popped my head around the corner.

Me: Is Hayley in the bath with you?
Ava: Yeah.
Me: Really?
Ava: Ummmmmmm (really cute, quizzical face) No. She gone.
Me: Hayley's gone? Where.
Ava: Away.

Away! Of course, why did I not think of that!

Who is this person I don't know? Hayley, you are spending an awful lot of time with my daughter, so you better be good, and kind, and sweet natured and polite, and do poos and wees on the potty and say pardon when you do fluffies and burps. And if not? Well.....see my previous post!

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

My gym has an afternoon\night time creche. It really is very, very good, as it allows me to be able to exercise and know that Ava is safe and wearing herself out, playing with other kids. The only downside is that right next door is a kids activity centre, a really good, big one! And if I don't remember to park where Ava can't see it as we walk in, well....it causes dramas.

On the way in tonight, I forgot, and parked right infront of the damned thing. We were a little early, and so they still had on the lights, illuminating the bright colours and cool jungle gym and racing track. 

Of course, Ava got so excited and thought we were going in, and so I said to her (to placate her so I could burn off some calories) "Later, darling, later." Happily, she trotted off into te creche, and I went and punished my body. 

I got back to the creche, and Ava lit up, babbling away as she put her shoes on, said 'bye bye' and 'tank you' to the ladies, and pulled excitedly on my hand. What was she saying? Why all the fuss? I lent down to hear what she was saying:

"The other place, mummy, the other place, come one, the other place mummy...."

The other place? WHAT other place? And as we stopped in front of the activity centre, and it's big, locked roller door, my mind went 'That other place, you wally'. The other place, of course.

The fact that it was closed at 7pm on a Tuesday night displeased Ava. She staged a one toddler protest.

But was tempted home with promises of hot chocolate. It's a tough life.

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