Saturday, January 31, 2009

work, work, work

I had my first 2 days back at work on Thursday and Friday, and on Monday morning I will have students. Argh, where did my at home mummy time go??

It was so nice to be back at work, and if I wasn't constantly thinking about Ava, then I would have had the best, most enjoyable 2 days that I think someone could have at work. I work in the best department, surrounded by the best teachers (and friends). I geniunely like a lot of people who teach at my school, and who make the place a wonderful place to be. And most of all, most of the staff at my school are damn good teachers and passionate about improving outcomes for students.

Ah, but my baby will have her first day at daycare on Monday. My husband will take her in at 11.30, and I finish work at 1.30 on a Monday, so it won't be a long day away from us for her...still it's someone else. boo hoo hoo...

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