Saturday, March 14, 2009

My baby smells like cheese and vegemite...

My little girls breath smells like cheese and vegemite. Is there anything sweeter in the world? When does breath turn sour? When do people start getting skinky morning (or all day?) breath? Because I could smell her for hours. (It's a mum thing)

I hung out with my best friend and her sister yesterday. Three girls, four babies and one.... Wii fit! It was so much fun! I am a little achy today, only in the abs from doing jack knifes (ARGH!) and lunches. Ooops-did I say lunches- I meant lunges. (wish it was lunches!) So, I have decided that the Wii fit is AWESOME and I want one.

Alas! I do not want to pay $550, because I don't have a Wii either. Hmmm, time to rekindle my old ebay addiction I think!

Back onto lunches, I was out all day yesterday, and I am pretty impressed with my food choices. I had a Biggest Loser shake for breakfast (I don't normally do the shakes thing, but I find it really good if I'm in a hurry or Ava is being demanding), sushi for lunch and subway for tea. Yummo, and I stayed under my calories for the day! YAY.

So today is my weigh in day, and I weigh- 66.3 kilos! YAY! That's a massive 13.7 kilos since I had Ava...go me. And to celebrate, I am wearing my old size 14 jeans. I never thought I would celebrate wearing a size 14, but there you go!

Best to do some housework whilst baby is asleep....

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