Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet my daughter

When I met my husband, I knew I had found my soul mate. Everything about us just meshed so well; it was love at first sight. I know it sounds terribly corny, but it's true. He was kind, funny, intelligent, talented, creative, motivated and he loved me for who I was.

But when Ava was born I knew that she was something special, someone amazing.

I think in Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Series) Bella says that when he daughter was born it wasn't like her heart was suddenly split in two, it was like it was doubled in size, and suddenly could hold twice the ammount of love. It was exactly like that, except I am so full of love that I could just about burst most days. Could I be a tiny bit biased? Maybe....

And no, it hasn't been a bed of roses. She still wakes up twice a night for booby, and she's almost seven months old. She has been 'teething' (eating her fist/drooling/red hot gums/screaming) for what seems like three months now without a tooth in site. She can be exceptionally stubborn. She bites my nipples all the time. She can be very clingy. She kicks you in the kidneys while your sleeping.

I love her.

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