Friday, January 23, 2009

I have a mohawk!

I know that it's not for everyone, but I love my new hair! It is so quick and easy, takes no time to do, can be styled many different ways without much fuss and it's so BOLD...very me. I don't know what the director will think of it when I audition for The Crucible next week (Just imagine I had the plague recently) but, oh well really.

And...I have a mohawk. I feel like a punk.

On another, very different, note, Ava (my beautiful almost seven month old daughter) has done 3 poos in 3 days on the potty. Actually, I don't think I have had to wash a pooey nappy in at least a week and a half. The last poo she did in her nappy was at the creche` at the gym. I must admit, I feel pretty smug.
For the uninitiated, we are practising Elimination Communication (Natural infant hygiene, Elimination Training, EC) part time, which involves reading your babies cues, knowing when they have to eliminate, and teaching them that the potty or toilet is the place to do this. I like Elimination communication better than other labels, because it really is a two way street. There is no rewards (other than being clean and dry obviously) and no punishment, it is not "training" like you would train a dog, she is learning about this part of the world just like she is learning to eat. Ah...but more on that later. Umm, I know I should put links here, but sheesh people, google it.
But right now we need to go and prep the nappy bag...nappies, pilchers, flannels, spare outfit, cheese sticks, apple rings, water, little shoes, plastic rubbish bags...ummm, did I forget anything?

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