Thursday, January 6, 2011

What do Babes dream of?

This is a recount of Ava's dream from last night. ("Deson" is a two year old's pronunciation of His Majesty's name)

"Mummy and Ava went in the wall, and Mummy went in the wall and Ava went in the wall. We went to see dinosaur, the big dinosaur, there's a big dinosaur. Izzy was locked out! Deson...Izzy not in the chair, Izzy's not in the chair, Deson's not getting Izzy in the chair.

Mummy went in the wall, Izzy went in the wall, Izzy went out, went to Daddy's house last night.

That's all."

Okay then! I'm not fussed about over analysing this stuff, she probably can not properly explain what she dreamed, hell, I can't even find words for some of the weird stuff I dream sometimes. I am just touched she wanted to tell me.

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