Friday, January 7, 2011

She smells like a what?

Ava's imagination has been running wild lately. In addition to that strange dream two evenings ago, she has  been coming out with some very strange things.

This morning, cuddling in bed, I asked her what she was thinking. She looked puzzled and then replied "I smell like a goat!"

She smells like a what? She definitely doesn't get that from me!

* * * * *

So yesterday I had my appointment with the doctor ordered dietician. A very beautiful and healthy looking young lady named Ya-el went through a whole bunch of questions with me about my weight and diet, as we looked for the cause of my weight gain and ill health towards the end of last year.

Well, apparently I am as healthy as an Ox, and the actual foods I am putting into my body are the right ones. My levels are great, I have ridiculously wonderful cholesterol levels, I am fit, flexible and my heart and lungs are strong. I am just overweight.

This is what I am doing wrong, and the dietician is going to help me fix: I am alternately starving myself at one meal, not eating enough and then gorging myself at the next meal. I am not snacking and not drinking enough water, and then eating too much. I eat out too much, and I make unhealthy choices when I do. I don't get to the gym enough, and I need to incorporate more physical activity into my lifestyle.

These are the list of goals I have been given to work towards:
* Aim for exercise 4 times to 7 times a week.
* When dining out stick to salads with the dressing on the side.
* Use less oil in cooking and dressings
* Aim for 6-8 glasses of water a day
* Incorporate healthy snacks between meals.

All easy things to do, right? Not for me. If it was so easy, I wouldn't have been sent to a dietician!!

In addition to professional help, His Majesty and my friend in Geraldton have agreed to help me and support my journey and provide motivation...and a little competition! I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life.

So, this year I have dedicated all to me. I have made resolutions and I am making changes, so that by the the beginning of 2012 I will have achieved all the goals that I have set for myself this year. I really feel like I am well on my way to achieving them.

And that's a nice feeling.

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  1. All easy things to do, right? Not for me. If it was so easy, I wouldn't have been sent to a dietician

    If they were easy things to do none of us would be over weight lol