Friday, December 10, 2010


I am too busy.....Tonight is my first night off in GOD KNOWS HOW LONG and what I am doing? Why, all the things I have neglected for the past month!

1. Bought a Christmas Tree.
Our old tree was a borrowed one from His Majesty's brother-from-another-mother. It held together (just) last Christmas, on top of the TV cabinet, anchored by about 4 bricks. Well, this year, we set everything. Beautiful carols were playing through our tinny computer speakers. Little girls were screaming, but not yet quite at the hitting each other stage. Tinsel decked every inch of the one room designated for Christmas. His Majesty's chest swelled as he picked up the star, the manliest of decorating jobs, and placed it, beaming proudly, upon a rather bedraggled little tree.

10 minutes later, the scene was quite different. Me: Holding tree. His Majesty: under the tree, trying to fix the base, swearing enough to make this high school teacher slightly afraid. Little girls: fighting and crying.

The tree was left on the floor where it lay, until, this afternoon, I chucked it in the bin. This is what replaced it.   

2. Put up tree and pay attention to pets.

This included popping a blanket on the couch and transporting my beautiful rats onto the couch so they could frolic and run around. Hah! They curled up on the fluffy blanket and went to sleep, all except Silvius, who climbed under the blanket and fell asleep. Well, I talked to them, chat chat chat, whilst I put up the tree, and then sat down to give them a poke awake and generally annoy them under the guise of playing with them. Until I noticed that Lyander was limping and had a very swollen, red, angry foot....PANIC STATIONS! I rushed down to the vet, demanded to see someone, announced that, Yes, it was an emergency, and then got told it may be broken, it may be an infection or it may be cancer. Can you be more specific Mr. Vet? Nope. Oh. Sad rattie Mummy. (Luckily it was Dr. Piper, whom I really like, and who actually knows a fair deal about rats) 

See how swollen it is? Othello is there, being very protective.
Lysander about 2 months ago, a picture of health, in the backyard

3. Come home and generally collapse in a big heap.

Well, that was the plan, but since then I have medicated a rat, pulled up all the potatoes, watered the veggies, weeded the back yard, de-headed the basil, put on a load of washing, done the dishes, eaten tea, fed the cat and generally not stopped.

I have to work all day tomorrow (stupid over committed, dedicated drama teacher person I am!) and then I AM STOPPING! I AM ACTUALLY HAVING A HOLIDAY!

(Ha ha, yeah right!) (Shut up, voice in my head!) (I'm right and you know it) (...)

Mummies are far too busy.

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