Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Ever Christmas Presents

There are three Christmas presents that stand out for me as being all round awesome presents for a couple of reasons. Here they are:

3. My guitar
Given to me by Ava's Dad, when I was sure I wanted to learn the guitar and even though I gave up lessons when I was heavily pregnant and haven't touched it again, I still treasure it. The gift of music and the chance to learn something new is a special gift indeed.

2. My lawn mower
Two years ago, I had just bought my first house, and spent hours maintaining the gardens. I was completely floored when my Dad bought me a lawn mower... a practical and long lasting present, one that I would use over and over again.

1. My Sewing Machine
When I was 15 or so, my Dad bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. This amazing present I still use to this day, and it has helped my grow into a competant seamstress. I love making and creating new things, and recently I have used my skills to do costumes. Although I haven't used it for myself in a while, I treasure it so very much. My Dad is a doer, a very practical man who both works hard and takes time to enjoy life. And he buys nifty Christmas presents.

Comment and tell me the best present you ever recieved and why.

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  1. Lovely article and so true!
    My best presents would be (in no particular order) 1. drum lessons, 2. table tennis table, 3. long timber framed mirror that hubby made himself, when we we were in a rental and had none.