Tuesday, December 21, 2010


"Mummy, I feel.....," Blergh! (Or barf. Or blah. What sound do you think vomit makes? Well, insert it there. Make sense? She spewed.) Ava looked down and inspected a relatively small chuck, but vomit none the less and looked up again. Quite matter of factly and with a smile on her face she says, " Mummy. I'm not sick anymore." Meanwhile, I was dry reaching and trying not to lose control of a car doing 110 on the Brand Highway.

Ava and I have been up to Geraldton for fourish days. Bliss! After losing my Grandpa two weeks ago, and writing and reading the eulogy at the funeral, I was in need of a little bit less city and a little bit more 'Aaaaaahhhhhhh.' My vision was that we would alternate between chilling at home, chilling at the shops and chilling, gorgeously, on the beach. It didn't really go like that, but when does it with a toddler?

Instead we played with my friends animals, had numerous babycinos, shopped, visited family, played cleaning fairies and walked around trying not to spend a whole lot of money, but I still came back recharged and refreshed. I feel like I can actually deal with getting ready for Christmas now. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

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