Friday, March 4, 2011

Humungous Nunga nungas

I had my follow up appointment with the dietician this afternoon. It was a bit mixed, as I had a very good week then a very bad one, but Ya-el said that I seemed in a far better state of mind about food and my weight than last time. I can't help feeling a little bit put out that this is going to be a slooooooooow process, but if I restrict myself in my diet, as soon as I stop restricting myself, all the weight and more is going to come back on. It needs to be slow, gradual changes until eating less and moving more is the norm. However, one little thing is getting on my nerves.

I have ginormous nunga nungas. (So, two big things, actually)

Before I had Ava I was a comfortable 12D. Big enough to be very busty and sexilicious, but not ridiculous. Well, a couple of days ago I went into Bras N Things to get fitted, as I haven't been since before I was pregnant, and when the lady told me that 14E was the largest they had in sports bras, and that I actually needed to go up a cup, I almost cried.

14F. F for 'fucking huge.

I don't really know why it has me so upset. I know that I have put on weight, and I know that it will take a lifestyle change and most of the year, AND THEN the rest of my life eating healthy to change this. I had my follow up appointment, she is very happy with my mental, emotional and physical state....but my boobs are huge.

When Ava was just born, and I went to breastfeed her for the second time (the first time was laying down in sort of a haze as the midwife explained about proper attachment and my nipples NOT becoming infected and dropping off as she manoeuvred the mewling infant onto my breast) I held onto my boob, up and out of the way, for fear I would suffocate her.
Midwife: "You can let go now, she's on properly."
Me: "But... she won't be able to breathe!"
Midwife " Yes, she will.....that's it......."

I let go. One or two seconds ticked my. Suddenly, like a flash, the midwife had dived at my breast, and all of a sudden was holding it off my tiny infants nose.

"Okay, change of plan. Maybe you should support it here, just so she can breathe, okay" Gotta love how calm she was.

I want little, pert boobies.

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