Friday, October 29, 2010

FarmVille is evil... Let me rephrase that: People are evil.

Oh my God, Oh my God. This article just makes me want to cry. Nothing is more precious than my baby. Certainly not some stupid, stupid pretend farm.

All the experiences that this stupid mother missed out on: First tooth. Eating solids. Being called Mummy. Happy gurgles. Sleepless nights. Cleaning up all kinds of bodily fluids. Warm sleepy cuddles. Pretending to be mermaids. Hearing "I love you". Everything that makes up my everything. I hope her virtual corn that she virtually grew and virtually sold for some virtual money made her virtually fucking happy.

(actually, I hope that she never forgives herself and someone convinces her to get sterilised. I need to go to bed before I get any sadder)


  1. Wow...that's just.... people suck

  2. Oh god. Nic! Please dont make me read more stuff like that - I can't even think about it without tearing up.... *wahhhhhh* I love my kids!