Monday, October 4, 2010

I finally admit defeat....

House, you and the mess you produce every single day, you have defeated me. You are victorious....I have lost. In a single day, you get too messy for me to return you to your resting state, and over the last year, your resting state has become slightly organised choas.

Today, I admit defeat. I cannot keep my house perfect, although I would very much like to. So, I paid a husband and wife team to come and spring clean my house.

They arrived today and very quickly made themselves at home. Introductions, tour of home, list of what I wanted done. Then they scrubbed and polished and dusted and reorganised and all with frightening efficiency. Now it is sparkly and clean, every surface is wiped, every floor swept and mopped. I have no more guilt about my house being messy, because IT'S NOT!

Yet, I feel a but guilty and ashamed that I cannot 'keep' my own house. What is wrong with me? Why can I not keep a house clean? Am I lazy? Do I have messy habits? I also feel funny telling people about it. Some people have already given me the cats bum look and I know there must be people who think I am lazy.

BUT....I don't want to spend my holidays cleaning! I want to play with my little girl, and go on adventures and catch up with my friends! I spend my terms away from those I love, I want to absorb as much as I can during my time away from work.
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