Friday, November 12, 2010


Okay, I have to blog about something light and fluffy today, because I don't like moaning away all the time.

Here are 10 things that are very unique to me:

1. I can't touch peaches or any other furry fruit without visibly shuddering and my blood turning to ice. It's something about the texture that I just can't stand. I also can't walk barefoot on cheap, synthetic carpet.

2. I have almost no little toe nail. My toes are so little. (Wish my body was as small!)

3. I prefer my hair very, very short. Think Halle Berry's pixie cut. Unfortunately, men don't seem to share the same appreciation for elven looks as I do. *Sigh* one day, hair, you and I will be re-united!

4. I love Twilight. (There, I said it) It's like vampiric emotional porn. Sooooo good.

5. I only blog on days I have Ava. Seems silly right? Why not blog when she is at her Daddy's house and you have peace and quiet. Truth is, I am not inspired to write when she is not around. I just kind of exist in a daze until she comes back every Saturday morning.

6. I think Muzz Buzz Armadale have had to put on more staff, just because of me. Oooops.

7. I have quite nice teeth.

8. Spelling and grammatical errors bug me. A lot. I don't think I could teach English because the dribble that erupts from some student's pens would have me going cuckoo faster than you can say "Uuuuhhhhh, Dunno."

9. Being late stresses me out to the point of panic attacks. I get very anxious if we are going to run late.

10. I don't want to die with any regrets or any unfinished business. I tend to attack problems (relationship and otherwise) like a rhinoceros, beating my head against it until it is all finished and threshed out. Sometimes this causes problems.

11. Hey, you get a bonus one!

I have been through some fairly shitty things in my life. I have had amazing highs and terrible lows. I have loved ferociously, hated passionately, fought, cried, damaged myself, hurt others, compromised my values, been too self righteous and beyond reproach, embraced new adventures with tenacity bordering on lunacy and spent whole days achieving nothing.

All of these things, every singular moment in my life with equal importance to both good and bad, has led to his moment, sitting here, and right now, I am supremely, blissfully, wonderfully happy with my life.

So, I can't have done too badly.  

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  1. Okay. In a post where I say I hate spelling and grammar mistakes, I just fixed two! Ooops...