Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A recap, or things that haven't changed.

Some things have changed in the last 6 months. We have less money. We have more bills. I have a new job. I drive 60 kilometres to and from my job each day, so I now have 2 less hours in my day. I also have a second job. So Wednesday nights I work at a beautiful arts centre, facilitating a kids club and doing general admin stuff. I am happier than ever, but sometimes I get much sadder than ever before.

I was reading through my blog at work tonight, and I realise that some things havent changed at all. I just forgot about them. So, here it is: A recap of cool things I have discovered and said on this blog.

From when Ava was 2. Oh, I thought I knew what pain was then...
"Surely God is laughing, watching me deal with the most willful, impetuous and single minded toddler on the planet."

Poo. This doesn't change!
"Poo. Parents and non-parents divide over this seemingly simple by product of the digestive system, and the divide is large.

To non-parents: A topic that is not brought up in polite conversation, a minorly inconvenient but thoroughly neccessary and sometimes relieving, almost mildly enjoyable dayly event. (time can change. Depends how much fibre is in your diet.)
To parents: The yard stick for measurement of infant/toddler/child health and development. A safe topic of conversation with other parents. A way of determining allergies, intolerances, worms, viral infections, too much liquorice (black) too much corn (ahhhhh, lotsa corn basically) or whether you child has chewed their food adequately. Whole raisins that look like they could be rinsed off and used again is an indication that food chewing needs to be taught again. Best not to rinse them off and use the same raisins though.

People who don't have children cannot fully understand how much can be gleaned from a single poo. It's colour, it's form, the smell, the consistancy, the watery liquid that can accompany a really nasty one...

Poo and how it relates to your child becomes the cornerstone of the parenting existence."

More poo?

"So, to take the pressure off, we stripped off to our singlet and ran around the back yard in the buff. Wee on the patio? Don't care. Wee on the lemon tree? Yes, if you can. No, oh well, we will get there some day! And so this cranky, crazy Mummy and her bare-bottomed, wet, happy, loving toddler ran about the backyard screaming and laughing until it got dark and cold. A perfect end to a less than perfect day."

"All the experiences that this stupid mother missed out on: First tooth. Eating solids. Being called Mummy. Happy gurgles. Sleepless nights. Cleaning up all kinds of bodily fluids. Warm sleepy cuddles. Pretending to be mermaids. Hearing "I love you". Everything that makes up my everything. I hope her virtual corn that she virtually grew and virtually sold for some virtual money made her virtually fucking happy."

And, the post that still defines me to this day: The Warrior Mother.

"Ava had awakened in me a love so intense, and so complete that I would literally go aganst my nature to protect it. And I will, over and over."

Over and over and over.

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