Saturday, February 26, 2011


I lot of people have been asking how I am getting along with the new food and everything.
Short answer : Slowly but steadily.

Long answer: (For Bree and Ben and Carolyn!)

Last Thursday my bad ankle was so sore that there was no way that I was going to be able to teach dance because I could hardly walk, so I took the opportunity whilst at the doctors to discuss my Mirena. I said that a couple of things had led my to believe that my Mirena was causing my weight gain.

My boobs hurt ALL the time.
I felt weepy and sooky at the drop of a hat and my emotions felt less "in check"
My bra size had gone from a 14C to a 16F (F for F$#&ING HUGE)
My skin was very blotchy
I felt bloated all the time

and in general, I didn't feel like me. I felt fat, depressed, boring, bloated and spotty! Awesome contraceptive, cause who wants sleep with a hormonal, weepy mess anyway!

All in all, the Mirena was very good. It was unobtrusive and effective, and definitely allowed for spontaneity and.....uhhh.......closeness. He hem. Unfortunately, I happen to be one of the 5-10% of women who absorb more hormones and have adverse effects.

So, I have had it out for a week, and already I feel less foggy in the head and more able to be rational and cool headed. Thank God, because I had the work week from hell. But my boobs are smaller, my waist not as puffy and generally, I feel better in my body.

The scales haven't moved much this week.......well, they had, but a couple of drinks and the ensuing hash brown sandwich (thanks hunny!) combined with lots of turkish bread and fresh hommus for dinner last night (MMmmmmmm, carbs with oil....drool) have meant that my 2kg loss which the scales showed on Friday was only a -0.2 loss. However being in the 70s as opposed to the 80s is least until I am back in the 60s again!

I guess I am not stressing. Saying you have lost 2 kilos in a week is a nice feeling, but I have given myself the entire year to shed the weight I gained in a year, and so in short, it's going, slowly, but steadily.

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  1. true weight loss is a long term thing, like you say.
    I'm just so glad that just by taking action you are having a sense of regaining control :-)